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Last update : 09/02/2015

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The ELA association

Founded in 1992, the European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA) is an association of motivated and informed parents and patients who share responsibilities within ELA and have united their efforts in order to fight leukodystrophies. Its objectives are clear:

  • To help and support families affected by leukodystrophy,
  • To stimulate the development of research thanks to the ELA Foundation created in 2005,
  • To raise public awareness,
  • To develop its work at international level.

ELA is thus a bridge between all forms of leukodystrophy and a family solidarity network.

European dimension
Since the year 2000, ELA France has helped the creation of ELA branches in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and more recently, Italy.

The aim is to raise public awareness for leukodystrophies and pool resources in order to develop medical research across Europe.

ELA figures

  • Every week in Europe, 20 to 40 children are born with the disease,
  • ELA already exists in 6 countries and maintains close ties with similar associations in other countries,
  • Since its creation, ELA has spent:

                  - 5.9 million euros for families support;
                  - 30.3 million euros for medical research, representing 387 medical research programmes.

More information about the ELA association available on their website